Adoption To Sonship

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.”

It was hard to look at myself in the mirror with pride and confidence. Honestly, I felt disappointed and angry for the person I had became, for the opportunities I had let go, people I had hurt, goals I had quitted, promises and principles I had broken. I did it for so long to the point where I did’t recognize myself anymore. I had lost sense of identity and purpose. I didn’t know what my values were. I didn’t know what I stood for. I was living my life based on my feelings, instead of my values and vision.  I was full of confusion, uncertainty and shame.  My close relationships could tell that something was wrong and my results in life showed that something needed to change.  How did I possibly end up here? Why did I allow myself to walk this far from my values, principles and God? What happen with all the dreams and hopes I once had for my future?

It was in this moment where God called my name again. He said, “Hey, can you hear me now?” In the midst of all this confusion and pain, He extended his grace to me, opened my eyes and show me his love for me. I was lost, chasing after the wind, running after the air until He showed me his plans for my life. When I was giving up on me, He stood up for me. He showed me new ways, showed me renewed promises. I felt like everything that happened in my life led me back to Him.

I answered His calling and I was embraced in the midst of all the pain. I needed somebody to guide me, instruct me and discipline me so I can finally be the man I was meant to be. I was living a life based on feelings; unstable, unproductive, harmful, so I needed correction, principles to live and die for. So I had an urge for learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom. I committed to be faithful to His teachings and His plans for me. I was entering to a journey of adoption by a true Father.

The first step on this journey was a shift in my identity. I was no longer lost, broken, unfinished, messed up and the failure I came to believe I was. I was a son of God. I was a heir of God. I was His beloved son. I was son of a King. Overnight I became a Prince. This powerful shift changed my approach to God and life. I literally was a New Creation.

The second step on this journey was committing to the journey. He had a great plan for my life, but I needed to trust Him in order to work the plan. I renewed my covenant with Him. I was His and He was mine for eternity. No looking right or left but straight at the path that He had for me. No other options, no other teachings, no other mentors, no other fathers. Just God. Period.

The third step was the renewal of my mind. I needed to change my old ways of thinking. I needed to adopt new principles, values in my life. I needed to have a new heart in me. How was I going to do that? By reading and meditating daily on the Word. By applying and living what I learned in my life. By praying with no ceasing. By constant communion with the Father.

The four step was to become an instrument of righteousness, justice and equity for my new Father. To be a follower of Christ every day. To live my faith fearlessly. To live by faith not by sight. To reach others with the truth and to openly talk about the Father and his plans for everyone. To pursue all my dreams in life with passion for His Glory. To be light. To be a witness of His Love and Grace. To live up to the highest standards no matter how many times I might fail.

There is nothing greater in my life than this relationship I have with God through Jesus Christ. It is amazing to experience His grace and love everyday.

As I walk on this journey I want to share with you all the lessons and experiences I live. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration, wisdom and encouragement from reading my blog.

God bless you.